brettpic1 Why Its Smart To Go To A 15 Year FHA Loan Right Now...Good Morning! 

If you have a 30 year fixed FHA loan I would recommend you consider refinancing into a 15 year FHA mortgage.

There are two reason’s I’m recommending this…

1) You can get a 15 year FHA fixed rate as low as 2.75% (face rate).

2) The mortgage insurance rates are lower for 15 yr FHA loans…

15-year loan terms with loan-to-value over 90% : 0.60 percent annual MIP

15-year loan terms with loan-to-value under 90% : 0.35 percent annual MIP

As an example: If your current rate is 5% on a 30 year fixed FHA loan – you could lower your rate to a 2.75% 15 yr FHA loan, and your payment would only go up by around $35 to $40 per 100k on the loan.

If your rate is higher than 5% then the difference would be even lower.

It just makes sense to do this right now.  


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