Good Morning!

I originally sent out this blog post a few months ago, but considering income taxes are due next week I thought this might help some people… 

Many don’t think it’s possible to get a mortgage if you owe the IRS back taxes.   


I’m happy to tell you that it is possible, and this is how you do it…


1)   If you owe the IRS back taxes you have to take the initiative and make a payment plan with the IRS right away.   

Generally, if you make a payment plan right away with them they won’t file a lien against you.


If you wait and do nothing with your balance owed to the IRS – then the IRS will place a tax lien against you and at this point you won’t be able to get a mortgage.   


Once a public record lien shows up on your credit – you will have to pay off the entire amount and settle the lien before you can get a mortgage.


2)  If you have a history of making payments on your IRS back taxes for 12 months without any late payments then you can get a mortgage with me (assuming you qualify otherwise).   

My underwriter will treat this payment as he/she would with any other installment loan.


If you are in this situation – give me a call and I can most likely help you out! 


Thanks for reading, and have a safe weekend!




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